June 24, 2005



More about music. I love the Beach Boys’ "Smile." I’ve got "Smiley Smile," the stuff from the "Good Vibrations" box set and "Brian Wilson’s Smile" which was just put out. That’s it though. Empty Drum and I used to religiously listen to a "Smile" bootleg tape which I’ve since lost, or maybe he took it. The people at The Smile Shop could nerd me under the table any day. In their forums, I found a link to someone who made a mix using the sequencing of the new "Smile" using the old recordings. It’s good. I like the old recordings better--they’re more innocent, and so weirder. But they did an amazing job with the Smile remake.

While I’m writing about epic psychedelic records, Ray Davies and Pete Townshend should be slightly murdered for selling their songs to American commercials. Every time I hear "Picture Book" on that commercial for a printer I feel sort of betrayed. Even if the effects are kind of neat. Same goes for "Tommy" and a car commercial. Ann Margaret rolling around in baked beans pouring out of the TV in the "Tommy" movie is a great anti-corporate moment, and the story is about a spiritual awakening. I guess Pete Townshend is trying to resurrect himself after being accused of pedophilia. Hence the use of the song, "I’m Free."


Empty Drum said...

I think I actually might still have that bootleg around somewhere. I'll look.

Magazine Man said...

Yeah, that stupid HP commercial has totally ruined the song for me. WTF? Was he that hard up for money?

And hey, Henry, thanks for the link. Appreciate it.

Henry Baum said...

ED, I think that bootleg mainly had the songs that are in the "Good Vibrations" box, but I could be wrong.

MM, my pleasure. The stuff you've been writing lately is up there with Tobias Wolff's "This Boy's Life."

ashleycrow said...

Not to play devil's advocate, but when I was a kid, I wouldn't have known any classical or showtunes if it hadn't been for commercials for household cleaners and the like. Perhaps this selling-out will have the benefit of exposing children and others unfamiliar with the original to great music. That's how I ended up a Flaming Lips fan-I heard "Do You Realize" on a commercial and hunted it down...

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