June 20, 2005


NBA Finals. That was a good game last night, even if I was rooting for Detroit. They seem like a seventies throwback, especially Ben Wallace's hair. Al Michaels' announcing partner sounds old school as well. I can’t be the first to mention this but Robert Horry has a weirdly pretty face. If you put him in a wig and a dress he would be beautiful. That’s all. Oh, and the Mets suck again, sadly.


Joseph K said...

Horry's pretty, but, he's not Rick Fox pretty. Rick Fox probably spends more time on his hair than any woman I know. Ditto the beard.

Empty Drum said...

I like a woman with a nice, lush beard.

Henry Baum said...

Rick Fox at least looks like a pretty man. Robert Horry looks like my parents' friends' daughter. I think I've said too much.

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