July 6, 2005



That’s where I work now that I’ve got a new desk. Very tired lately. Not much to say here. I work 9:30-4:00 until Olivia comes home from daycare. Spend time with her until she goes to sleep at 7:30/8 and then work on the novel for 2 or 3 hours from there. Tiring.

Losing my mind somewhat. I got very bad when I wrote the first draft of the novel--writing a book about people who are firmly detached from reality. My wife was pregnant at the time which was turning my life upside down. I was a weirdo. It’s not as bad for the rewrite--more like a contact high.

The book’s progressing smoothly. Almost done reading through the book once. I thought I’d show my mom’s credits as well, don’t want to leave her out. Here’s her IMDB page. It might explain why I write a lot about Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

That desk is hot. Red hot.

RuKsaK said...

Keep smacking the shit out of those fucking keys man!

IanB said...

Ash Tree is linked @ RetroBabe! & I love the music ......... watch out for a post at my place soon that will hopefully alert a few more folks to check you out !!

Cheers IanB

Henry Baum said...

Thanks a lot, Ian. I linked you back. And thanks in advance for the plug. I don’t know how many people actually click the mp3 links.

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