July 21, 2005


Fuckin A, I got my turntable belt in the mail today. I’ve got hundreds of new records to listen to. Wow, The Who’s "Who Are You?" is a bad record. I haven’t heard it since I was nine years old. LPs sound so much better, so much more depth and warmth. I don’t think I’ll become an LP snob again. I used to collect records for the sake of collecting them. But I’m glad to have access to cheap music.

I loved the Who when I was a kid. There are a lot of pictures of me with a "Kids are All Right" T-shirt. The first concert I begged to go see was The Who, "It’s Hard" tour. My dad picked me up in the middle of a school day and took me and a friend to see them at the L.A. Coliseum, with the Clash. I remember being disappointed that they didn’t smash their instruments. My very first concert was the Rolling Stones, "Tattoo You" tour, with my family. Saw my dad smoke pot with his stoner friend. Prince opened up--I think it was after "Controversy" came out, nobody knew about him--and people starting throwing shit at him. Some guy came out and called the crowd a bunch of "assholes." People cheered. I was eight years old, it was cool. Also saw David Bowie with Madness and the Go-Gos. Haven’t been to a rock show, even in a bar, for a while now. I realized recently that it’s been four years since I’ve played the drums. Anyone need a drummer? Only thing is, I don’t own a drumset.

…I feel like I should be writing something else here, something more worldly, about Rove or the Supreme Court or something else but nothing’s coming to mind. Been following it, at least. In related news, the Mets have won four in a row. They’re going to win the wild card.


tequilita said...

i like these posts the best of all...you're funny and down to earth. most of your other posts are smarter than me. :(

the who rocks.

fin said...

i love mix tapes. why not post a mix here? i have one on my site.

spooge said...

I loved the Who too and still do. I saw em in 1975 in Bloomigton In. Moonie was still alive - best show I ever seen - bar none. Hey if I can still be playin guitar you should still be drumming . . . the beat goes on.

huss said...

"Who's Next" is still one of my favorite records. I saw The Who in '89 at the L.A. Coliseum. It was right after Townshend impaled his hand on a whammy bar while doing the windmill arm-gyrations. He had a fully bandaged hand and wore headphones to protect from tinnitis. At one point, he yelled out something like "People ask us why we're touring again. I say to them WE NEED THE MONEY!!!" I went with my friend who wore a SWANS "Greed" t-shirt. A commentary on Townshend, perhaps?

Anyway, I DO need a drummer. Only thing is, I don't have a drum kit, either. But a couple of Arrowhead bottles and a trash can lid might work.

Henry Baum said...

To clarify. I think the Who rock. I also brought home "Who’s Next" and "Quadrophenia" which I’ve been listening to over and over again. But "By Numbers" and "Are You" are bad, bad.

Spooge, 75? Cool. I was 3 years old. The year they put out the Tommy movie, right?

Fin, what site? I may start putting up strange mp3s when I get a new CD burner. Like I got a copy of David Lee Roth's "Eat Em and Smile" sung by DLR entirely in Spanish. Needs to be heard.

D. Huss, I’d be happy to be your trash can-banging drummer.

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