July 15, 2005


Damn, it’s been a good week at Ash Tree. Posted a link to a story and now Ian of RetroBabe wrote a post about a couple of my songs. Thanks, Ian. Go check out RetroBabe. "Apartment" and "Be My Wife," interesting choice. Though maybe it's because those are the first two.

Also, a woman recently wrote me and asked if she could post my story about Sew the stray dog at her dog site. It’s at Bark Park Arizona. She changed "shitty little apartment" to "little apartment." Damn censors! I don’t blame her.


IanB said...

LOL ~ is this a crisis of confidence ? I downloaded all of them , just so happened i liked the first two the best ;) Now get n record some more I want a credit & back stage pass when you make it big !!

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