August 16, 2005

Gern Blanston

Other things I have liked in my life: I own copies of the early Steve Martin movies, "The Jerk," "The Man with Two Brains," & "Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid" along with his comedy records, "Comedy is Not Pretty," "Let’s Get Small," and "A Wild and Crazy Guy." I’ve watched and listened to that stuff over and over again. I can recite it. I just discovered the Compleat Steve which has transcripts of "The Jerk," "Cruel Shoes" as well as "Saturday Night Live" stuff. For some reason I find this really funny, from 1980, "…I believe that Ronald Reagan can make this country what it once was - an arctic region covered with ice." Because it’s true.

A friend of my dad’s lived next door to Steve Martin. After "Mixed Nuts" came out--which most people hated a whole lot--Steve Martin told him, "I thought it was funny. I just don’t know what’s funny anymore." Sad, and a private moment that I probably shouldn’t write about. Don’t know why he can’t be funny anymore. Paul McCartney can’t really write songs anymore so some people just lose it. I don’t know if I’d like those movies in the same way these days, but that's probably because I’ve seen them too many times.


huss said...

I just listened to “Comedy Is Not Pretty” for the first time last week. Great stuff. He does this one banjo number that is really pretty, too.

Henry Baum said...

That's the best one, I think. Googlephonics.

mike f. said...

man, i just watched 'father of the bride' I and II the other day. shit was hilarious. and heart warming. i kid you not.

RB Ripley said...

You took me from elated to heartbroken in 20 lines. Adore Steve Martin and think he's funnier than ever. Just different funny. His humor's changed but I think so has our culture's. Not an easy combination to have to deal with.

Thanks for reminding me of his earlier stuff. Think i'll dust off my DVD's this weekend.

martin said...

"ok, so - you go to Paris, France, and....."

i can't even bear to watch the commercial for 'cheaper by the dozen 2', it looks so painful.

lap said...

I just bought copies of Comedy Is Not Pretty, and Let's Get Small for my 11 yr old for Christmas, since we now have a stereo cabinet again. Fingers crossed that they'll be a hit.

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