August 12, 2005

High School

You scored as Goth.

Goth 81%

Loner 75%

Punk/Rebel 56%

Stoner 50%

Drama nerd 25%

Ghetto gangsta 25%

Prep/Jock/Cheerleader 19%

Geek 19%

What's Your High School Stereotype?
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I wasn’t goth in high school. I was a loner. Reading "Maximum Rock n Roll" on the lunch benches by myself. Hating most everyone, including myself. Shaving my head with a Norelco razor which made my head all patchy. Taping my shirts and pants together with duct tape. I was such a good productive kid in elementary school.


Anonymous said...

I'm 100% goth, 91% loner. That explains alot about my high school years. Well, nothing I didn't already know.


Empty Drum said...

Stoner 100%
Punk/Rebel 100%
Loner 94%
Goth 88%
Drama nerd 69%
Geek 44%
Prep/Jock/Cheerleader 25%
Ghetto gangsta 25%

Anonymous said...

I got 50% Goth, top mark. Which is ridiculous. TB

Spiral Stairs said...

Criminy, I'm really surprised by my results.

Prep/Jock/Cheerleader 50%
Punk/Rebel 38%
Loner 31%
Geek 25%
Drama nerd 19%
Goth 19%
Stoner 13%
Ghetto gangsta 13%

Prep/jock/cheerleader was not the least what I was in high school. Two things though: (1) I've changed a bit since then, and (2) the present tense questions aren't an accurate depiction of what I was like then. (I.e., some of the present tense questions would have had quite different answers in high school and college.)

Anyway, go team! School spirit! Yeah!

Tao Lin said...

i read maximum rock and roll alone in my room in high school too, sometimes

this was recently, though, six years ago or so, when borders started carrying maximum rock and roll

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