August 22, 2005

Henry Miller

Henry Miller Paris notebook2

A nice new blog devoted to Henry Miller:

Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company


Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, and forgive me if it is written about elsewhere, and not to get too tech-geeky on you, but what is the make and model of the component cd-burner you got, how much and is it any good? I have so much vinyl to copy and feel like a dork rebuying something I already have and which I know is going to end up in a landfill as a coaster one day. Hell, once gas hits $100 a gallon, imagine how much I can make if I smelt down all my vinyl for fuel. Thanks for the HM link.

Henry Baum said...

Mine's a TDK DA-5900 which works pretty well. It broke after three years and being transported in a Uhaul from North Carolina to L.A. I was surprised how expensive they can get on Ebay, but you can't get them new anymore. You can also look for a DA -3826 which is an earlier model, might be cheaper.

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