September 30, 2005

Book of Job

I had the idea that I would rail against my job now that I’m no longer working for them. I’ve never written about the job because I was afraid it would come back at me and I’d get fired like Dooce. I got fired anyway. It doesn’t make sense to go off on the job because I need them as a reference. And it wasn’t the worst job in the world. I just got burnt out on it. I was one of these people, in addition to some other freelance work. It was an interesting enough job because I could research a new topic every week--wine cellars, mortgages, video games, whatever. Paragraphs that looked like this:
Some of the better tobacco varieties come from a blend of two different plants. Two good base tobaccos are Virginia and Burley. There are also spicier tobaccos, such as Iranian tobacco. Smoking a pure Iranian tobacco might overwhelm the tastebuds. Iranian tobacco is more often used like you would use a spice in the kitchen--as an accent, a small amount at a time.

Four paragraphs a page, 10-100 pages a site. I’ve written hundreds of these pages. Really it isn’t so different from writing ad copy. Sort of embarrassing. I was starting to hate it, which is likely why I got laid off. This is probably because I haven’t had a vacation in three years and I just needed a break. I feel liberated since I lost the job, though I probably shouldn't. I felt like I was lying every day. Really, there are worse jobs. The job helped feed my kid for two years so I can’t be ungrateful.

So I’ve been looking for new work. In my free time, I’ve also been looking into how to get people to read my book once it comes out, which is sort of depressing. It’s difficult to get people to take print-on-demand books seriously. I don’t blame them--reviewers get hundreds of books from actual presses, so they couldn’t possibly handle the load of POD books as well. At some point, POD books might get some clout, like blogs, but they don’t currently. I’ve been looking into POD-friendly sites, many of which are romance or new age book reviewers. It’s an uphill battle. I am obsessed though to try to get someone to read this novel.


exley said...

I just got your first book, "Oscar Caliber Gun." I'm looking forward to reading it.

Henry Baum said...

Damn, man, thank you. I just heard from someone who wants to buy the movie rights. Maybe something will come of it.

gaijin said...

movie rights, eh? maybe getting fired was the best thing to happen to you, yet. now you're more relaxed, can spend more time with your gorgeous wife and daughter, and write more. maybe the thing killing your real writing was the energy you spent writing hundreds of pages of shit you never cared about.

here's to OCG getting optioned before the hols.

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