September 26, 2005

None the Rest

I finally got to record something. Another depressing relationship song. A while back I was obsessed with Elvis Costello, who’s written his share of depressing relationship songs. This song was inspired by the acoustic version of "Deportee" which is a bonus track on "Goodbye Cruel World," a not-so-good record. The recording of "Deportee" on the actual record is lame bad pop which shows that a great song can be obliterated in the performance. You can hear snippets of both on the Amazon page. I once heard a live recording of Paul McCartney playing "Lady Madonna" and he made it sound like a bad song.

I’m not so obsessed with Elvis Costello anymore. The records I come back to are "Blood and Chocolate" and "Trust." At one time, I wasn’t listening to anything else. I love the acoustic bonus tracks on "My Aim is True": "Wave a White Flag," "Cheap Reward," etc. which are just him and a guitar at around 20 years old. It’s a better window into his songwriting. Maybe I’ll record a bad rendition of "Our Little Angel" off "King of America." One of the few songs of his I know how to play.

Here’s None the Rest

I like this line, "On that day like none the rest, they said, ‘Fuck it, I’m done with this test of your urgency and lack of faith in anyone with poor taste.’"


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