September 12, 2005


Power outage in Los Angeles. My power went out for around a half hour. I am a paranoid. Even if this is proven not to be terrorism, it still leaves me with that lingering uneasy feeling. This is the perfect government-run terrorist attack. No great explosions, just a reminder that we’re vulnerable--like a terror alert, but they’ve spent the usefulness of terror alerts. Sounds ludicrous but not so ludicrous as the govt. using terror alerts when poll numbers get low. Remember the terror alert immediately following the Democratic convention? That is a criminal act--using police resources for political gain. Suspiciously, terror alerts have gone down since Bush got elected. I think the guy who made the terror video yesterday threatening L.A. also made a pre-election video. People were joking that he looked like Karl Rove. Seems suspect to me and well-timed. Maybe that’s just my hope--that it’s hype rather than something absurd and dangerous is about to happen.

I’ve been thinking about conspiracy theories lately. FEMA is a big component of conspiracy theories: here’s a rundown of New World Order conspiracies. These conspiracy theories claim that FEMA is a front for creating a fascist police state in the time of a crisis. If that’s the case, they had their opportunity after Katrina and they blew it. I don’t quite believe in theories that the govt. was complicit in 9-11 either. If they were, they had a blank check to do whatever they wanted and they failed. They keep fucking up their opportunities--which doesn’t quite prove a massive planned government conspiracy. It’s weird because many could feel a terror attack coming right before Katrina. Bush’s poll numbers were tanking. Katrina could have revived his Presidency.

If you want a good overview of conspiracies, read Jim Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy. I haven’t read too much about conspiracies, mostly about UFOs and such, though the two are often connected. UFOs are more interesting to me--the implications for our understanding of the universe and religion, etc. It’s like the difference between reading Philip K. Dick and Tom Clancy.

I guess I do have time to blog, or go on a paranoid rant.


Henry Baum said...

Update: Cheney was quoted as saying, "I think we are in fact on our way to getting on top of the whole Katrina exercise." Eerie.

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