September 14, 2005


Never been tagged before. Damn you Joseph K:

Ten Years Ago: 23 years old. I was dating a girl named Alix with an I, playing in a rock band with Empty Drum, called Montag, living a sort of indie rock dream. Then my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was moving to New York. The only reason they broke up was so she could go to graduate school for writing at Sarah Lawrence. They had been going out for four years before that and she needed to see if it would work again. We were still in love so it was crushing. I hadn’t had too many girlfriends in my life. I think they broke up a couple months after he came back. I haven’t seen her since then.

Five Years Ago: One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever done in my life. I was dating a girl who was a stripper. It was Fashion Week in New York and we went to the Hugo Boss party. We ended up hanging out with Paris Hilton and Edward Furlong. She struck me as exceptionally normal-looking. Later my girl and her friend, another stripper who would become my wife, went to the Playboy party downtown. Passed out on a couch, surrounded by playmates, a Playboy lingerie fashion show projected on every wall. That’s so much like the rest of my life, I can’t tell you.

One Year Ago: Sitting in this spot writing a blog. My life hasn’t changed much.

Yesterday: Got my story back from the editor with a lot of corrections, some of which I didn’t agree with. Later read a collection of letters that my grandmother wrote to my grandfather in 1938. I’m going to write an entry about it because it was a profound experience.

Five Songs I Know All The Words To: "Spirit of Radio," Rush, "I’m So Tired" the Beatles, "Space is Gonna Do Me Good" Frank Black, "On a Leash" Montag, "Down the Rabbit Hole" Ash Tree. Songs I play on the guitar, except Rush. Actually that’s not true, I do play that on guitar.

Five Snacks: Beverages, I am a fanatic of beverages. I need beverages constantly.

Five Things I'd Do With $100 Million: Write increasingly uncommercial novels. Buy a house. Take a shower. Not feel like the ceiling is going to collapse on me. Set up a home recording studio.

Five Places I'd Run Away To: Somewhere on the water. NYC. Cities I’ve never visited. Take mind-altering drugs in the middle of the wilderness and try to contact Grey aliens.

Five Things I'd Never Wear: Speedo, a green dress, jeans, a non-winter hat, piercings.

Five Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order, The Simpsons, Star Trek the Next Generation, Land of the Lost, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home.

Five Greatest Joys: Writing a song or story, watching my daughter do anything except throw a tantrum or cry, getting published, having a conversation that doesn’t make me want to die, my family.

Five Favorite Toys: Hypnotic New Age light machine, 8-track digital recorder, stereo, I don’t have many toys.

Five People To Tag: Nope. I’ve wasted enough time myself. I should be working.


Empty Drum said...

Has it been ten years? Dang.
Now I feel even older than usual.

Natalia said...

Oh my God, I used to be so obsessed with Next Generation re-runs that I would wake up at 4 a.m. on a school night/morning, to tape them.

Besides that, one of the happiest and strangest times in my life was lying on my bedroom floor over winter break in the tenth grade, listening to "I'm So Tired," and writing crappy poetry. I still know all the words by heart and choke up whenever I listen to the song today. You can never go home again, man.

Joseph K said...

Hanging out with Paris Hilton, huh? I am happy to see that you are being more discrete with any tapes you two MAY have made together as opposed to that Rick Solomon asshole.

ndtraff said...

Playboy Special Edition Lingerie Dec-Jan 2007:

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