May 2, 2006

Bowie Burroughs

Found at Posthuman Blues. How cool is this. Burroughs and Bowie pictured together in 1974, for an interview in Rolling Stone. Somehow never seen this picture. I just got Diamond Dogs in the mail yesterday. I had it on L.P. but it was lost in a move. I love that record. It’s like Bowie doing Andrew Lloyd Weber but listenable. Crazy operatic, recorded around the time of the interview with Burroughs. Click on the picture for the interview.

bowie burroughs


Bill Ectric said...

Excellent! I remember reading this interview year ago and it's really good to read it again. That picture also appears in a Rolling Stone book. I think it's a collection of photos from Rolling Stone, maybe a "coffee table book." They also have a picture of Salvador Dali and Alice Cooper together.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God that is the coolest interview - David Bowie explaining "the idea" of Ziggy Stardust to Burroughs? Holy crap.

Natalia said...

Heh heh. When I glanced at the picture, my initial thought was: "Who's the chick on the left?"

Anastasia said...

Two of the most unconventional minds of an era. Thanks for posting this.

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