May 30, 2006



A Hollywood star, a housewife, a nurse, a doctor, a G-man, an engineer…They were among the pitiful handful of survivors who faced starvation, disease, and something infinitely worse--the terror that roamed the ruins!

Just read this. Awesome. Looking it up, I found this list of books about the end of the world in L.A. I want to read them all. It’s what my next novel’s going to be about, partly.

Last Friday I sent off the last copy of North of Sunset to a reviewer. It went to Popmatters. I’m done. What happens happens. It’s liberating. I'm proud enough of that novel. Time to move on to other things.

I’m going to get back to the next novel now. On hold for a while. That’s all I want to say about that. I don’t really feel like I’m on to something unless I’m working on a novel. Which means I may duck out of here for a while. Or not.


TheSleeper said...

A little apocalypse for the ears... -- Los Angeles, not the "Live" from 2006, straight up 1980

Or, for another kind of H Bomb, a review from an old SNL skit which still makes me laugh, even if this guy's too cool for it.

[COMMERCIAL] Preparation H
With: Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Dean Edwards, Seth Meyers, Jeff Richards.
I actually enjoyed this, it had a pretty funny concept, using typical skateboarding "dudez" plugging Preparation H in ebonics. With Parnell no longer in the cast, I see they got Will Ferrell doing the voice-overs again, hes not as good as Parnell was, but acceptable. Anyway, this was pretty good, and the "my rectums on fire" chant at the end was kind of funny in a weird sort of way.
Funny lines: "Im about ta drop an H-bomb on dis riz-oid!" -- Jimmy Fallon

Omni said...

That's the most unusual choice of reading list that I've ever heard; it should make for a good essay when you're done.


Skept1C said...

Wow...I love this style of read. Im gonna see about getting it ASAP. If I find it, I will have to come back and let ya know what I thought.

Spiral Stairs said...

I just got the play on words in this post's title. (I'm slow sometimes.) If you ever become a rapper or DJ, H-Bomb absolutely MUST be your name.

Dammy said...

Good Luck!

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