May 25, 2006

Come One

New song. Been a while. This is the most recent song I’ve written, music and lyrics. Inspired by stuff I’ve written about here before. Some sloppiness but I’m thinking at this level it doesn’t matter.

Come One


come on inside
sit by the fire
it’s on tv
and we can make believe
we’re watching news.

let’s take a ride
on our hard drive
we’ll cure the virus
spreading like the measles
of our youth

don’t we both just paint a picture
of people who don’t want to be known
two people will make one except if
that person doesn’t reach out to the only one they know

come on we’ll
reap with a scythe
and detox the night
at home
come on we’ll
seem like we’re right
and be who we want to know

come on let’s fight
about our life
we’ll reach a truce
when we realize the world
is not alone

it’s a delight
to be alive
in time we’ll find that we
can be on top of
what we love


Anonymous said...

I did have trouble playing it. Didn't get anything. Could be my clumsiness. TB

Henry Baum said...

Update: seems to be working better now. I had to delete around 1000 spam comments that were slowing it down.

nat said...

I can't really get it to play properly

haze said...

you can try radio blog at, to see example


Benny said...

Herr Baum! I moved house!! Please update your link for me.



Natalia said...

Oh baby oh baby! I'm liking it. Especially "the measles of our youth" bit.

Gary said...

very nice...keep at it!

head panda said...

i like these lyrics so much.

Billy said...

cool lyrics

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