May 4, 2006

Myspace Music Review

Because I’m a total addict for attention these days, I recently submitted my myspace page to the Myspace Music Review and didn’t think much would come of it. It was just reviewed and it’s the best thing anybody’s written about my songwriting.

Good thing: I can hear his up and down moods swinging like a metronome inside the melodies, and detect razors of regret, the pump of a busted heart, and even the rippling heat-glow of sexual as well as other present and future tensions. Strangely, all this agita makes me feel good – if only for the moments I’m listening, but that’s what it’s all about, right?

He also writes: There is a slight (f)riskiness about the music, like the tunes came to him first, and the lyrics are shyly unsure of their connection to the chords.

That’s pretty astute because that’s exactly what happens with most all of my songs. I write the music and melodies first and then struggle to fit them with lyrics. Interesting that he could hear that.

He also says: This is honest music that sounds like it was made by a once-uncool kid with uncommonly cool closet tastes. Music played by someone who loves listening to a lot of stuff.

He hears my inner life-long nerd who’s spent as much time collecting other people’s music as playing my own. Probably more.

Read the whole review here. If you’ve got a band with a myspace page, submit it here. Thanks go to the reviewer, who’s got a cool blog of his own.


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