December 13, 2004


I admit it: I love baseball. I feel like I’ve got to qualify it because it annoys me that a baseball player will take a 15 million dollar contract with a bad team over a 14 million dollar contract with a good team. At that level, what’s the fucking difference? I do have to admit that it’s got to be hard to say no to a million dollars. But most normal people could live off the interest of a million dollars, let alone 15 million dollars.

It’s just a hyper-capitalist, cocksmanship game where they have to get the best contract they can--even if it means moving their family across the country. It doesn’t make human sense. Really they shouldn’t be making that kind of money in the first place. Which doesn’t mean I don’t like following the baseball trades. In fact, I enjoy following the trades more than I actually like watching the game itself. The games almost seem like an afterthought. I like listening to baseball on the radio, it’s got a timeless feel to it.

I put up a link to It reads a lot like the Daily Kos. People intelligently dissecting things, making predictions, feeling indignant when something goes wrong. I’ve said it here before, there is something very closely related between following politics and following sports. Competition is competition.

So…today the Mets got Pedro Martinez. I am glad.


Joseph K said...

I don't know if you have been following the story out of DC, but the DC Council just killed the deal to bring baseball to DC. I am kind of ambivalent about the decision (frankly, I think the argument against it -- not enough money for schools, but money for a baseball for the suburbanites?). But, there has been a feeding frenzy in the press, as they attack the woman DC Council chair for basically being a ditz who didn't get how important baseball is to them. Sad.

Henry Baum said...

I haven't been following the story, but I wasn't all that excited about a DC team. I've thought about moving to Portland, OR so it would be cool to have a Portland team. The AL West needs another team. I am not surprised the deal fucked up--I mean, doesn't everything fuck up these days?

xo. war. said...

money is everything. i wish it wasnt, but it always will be.

xo. war.

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