December 17, 2004

Down the Rabbit Hole

I wrote this song when I came back from a book tour. A friend of mine stayed in my apartment while I was gone. When I got back he wasn’t there and all I found was a notebook with a suicide note. I spent the night not knowing if he was dead or alive and the song poured out. The song is filled with quotes from his suicide note. Morbid, maybe, but there it is. He signed off the note with "Down the rabbit hole…"

Next day I found out from his mom that he’d put himself into rehab. He healed up and he’s doing fine.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the hatch
Eggs don't last
I'll take you to paradise
but don't get attached
Woe to him
who thinks he's unhinged
then opens doors to places
but will not let you in.

On your shopping spree
did you buy the ceiling or the floor?
On your killing spree
did you kill someone you adore?

I believe
you are not bothered
when you cry "need"
above all others.

Please forgive my mind,
all I'm crack-ed up to be
I may be sinking high
but I'm not above living
as a number on a shelf/
a king without wealth
The critics panned my murder
said at least I could spell

I believe you
are not bothered
when you cry "need"
above all others.

Where there's a will
there's no way
to understand wasted promises never made
Down the rabbit hole
I'll lose my healthy glow
I hope you won't miss me
but here I go...


xo. war. said...

this song, deserves a poem. maybe you'll think it's crap too.

Do you really know what you are doing,
With that thing in your hand?
Is it really the only way,
To make the world understand?
Do they need to see blood,
To see all of that pain?
Will this be such a small loss,
And the world will all gain?
Do you really need those scars,
If the world doesn't end.
Will you try and get help,
Or will you try it again?
Do you know that it's not,
The only way to surivive.
It's not the best way,
To see tears in my eyes.
Just think for one more second,
Just give it one more day,
And maybe you'll be thankful that,
You had this yestetrday.

sadly, it's about myself.

xo. war.

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