December 17, 2004

Old Sun

I like these lyrics. It uses the sun idea that Kurt Cobain used ("in the sun I feel as one") but he didn’t invent it. It was probably the Beatles: "I’ll Follow the Sun," "Here Comes the Sun." They did everything first. Actually it was probably old blues. I can’t deny my influences though. Somebody please buy me the Nirvana box set.

Old Sun

I went outside last night
the moon wasn't above
Instead the sun looked down,
smiled, and said "Hello"
I said, "What's going on
with you two all this year?"
She said, "I need repose
from all your hopes and fears
"Just what is wrong with this,
from dawn to dusk is cold
"I wanted to be up
when you all rest yer skulls
"Because to watch you day in/day out
is too much
"For one Old Sun to handle
who is deep in Love."


Billy said...

yea the sun is still here

passthebread said...

I've started posting some songs of mine too. Under songs on my blog roll.

Like your stuff. I love love love Nirvana too.

xo. war. said...

any person who kills themselves, it makes their music more beautiful. sadistic, i might be.

xo. war.

Astrid said...

Mmm... I like these lyrics and I understand most of the poem or whatever it is, except for the last phrase. Does it mean that the sun is in love with life or what?!? Oh, well, cheers for sunshine! Miles of smiles, Astrid.

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