December 28, 2004

Tsunami Aid

Darling Maggot, best blogger, has a link up about donating for tsunami relief. Here's another one.


Someone on the Daily Kos made the point that the Iraq war costs (conservatively) 1 billion a week, which works out to 144 million a day, and a fraction of that is what the U.S. has offered for aid. This should be a new rallying cry: without this stupid war, we could afford a lot more humanitarian aid. As if Bush gives a shit about being humanitarian. More people have died in Iraq than from the tsunami, and that could have been prevented--IF these new weather patterns are not a result of environmental neglect. I bet Bush hasn’t even looked at a picture of what’s coming out of there. He doesn’t read the fucking newspaper.


darling maggot said...

you're just trying to get into my pants with the flattery, aren't you?

tony pierce put up this link on his blog

which has a long list of orgs accepting donations to provide relief for the victims, and i just posted about it.

ok, i'm going to smoke some pot now.

Henry Baum said...

Not your pants, just your stash.

xo. war. said...

someone said in an australian paper this morning; "if everyone in australia gave up $1, it would be double what the australian government has offered."

it's sad really.

xo. war.

darling maggot said...

you're so ruthless sometimes, henry.

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