December 9, 2004

Fun and Profit

This is the kind of story that goes unnoticed, which scares and annoys me deeply:

Terrorism for Fun and Profit

In which Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz manufacture the Soviet threat in the seventies just as they are manufacturing the extent of the threat of terrorism today. This Book seems eye-opening--it suggests this administration was complicit in 9-11. I have not read it but the reviews seem to suggest that it’s sober and non-paranoid. Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex at the end of his administration. But building up a global threat of nuclear weapons just for profit is beyond diabolical.

The main theme of "Farenheit 9-11" is that the War in Iraq was not done to protect us against terrorism, but for war profiteering. There has always been war profiteering, but this just doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to build up nuclear weapons in the 70s/80s and kill tens of thousands of people in Iraq. Hungry for power? Are they just a bunch of power/money junkies who need more, more, more? Do their policies feel justified when they feel another adrenaline rush of power? This seems a little simple.

The argument that the neocons want to be world-builders in the Middle East by creating a viral democracy just doesn’t seem like enough either--especially in light of a manufactured Soviet threat in the seventies, when the Soviets were already crippled and fading fast. The neocons thought it was a good idea at this time to build up a nuclear arsenal. And now they are making a contained terrorist threat worse--threatening the entire world with that very same nuclear arsenal. The Hegelian model suggests that two opposing forces are good for progress. Thesis vs. Antithesis = synchronicity. Captialism vs. Communism was good for the global marketplace. This is secret society stuff, but the climate today is just weird--it’s almost like they want to destroy the planet.

I don’t think that they are hard-right Christians who want to bring about a Reveletions-based apocalypse. Little boy Bush might believe in this, but I cannot believe Dick Cheney is any sort of Christian. Certainly Wolfowitz isn’t. You don’t know want to know what I think because it will discredit me completely. I believe in a UFO conspiracy. I’m not saying it ties into this necessarily, I just think there is a lot more than the nightly news will ever tell us--the fraud allegations regarding this election are a good example. People have been tried and convicted on less evidence than they have about fraud. You don’t need 100% smoking gun proof to start an investigation, which thankfully some high-level people are doing…

Back to my nut: I believe UFOs exist and any conspiracy is probably being headed by the Cheneys of the world. The fact that I can’t write about UFOs without fear of immediate ridicule suggests that conservative debunking has worked. There have been thousands upon thousands of witnesses, and that is evidence in itself. I like the UFO issue for the very reason that people are afraid of it. When choosing between conservative thought and far-out thought, I’ll go with the far-out. Eventually a lot of far-out thought becomes the mainstream. Not all of it, of course, but take my word for it: a lot of deeply intelligent and rational people have been involved in investigating UFOs and have come forward as witnesses.

It does seem like there is a lot we’re not being told. Manufacturing a war is proof enough that there’s a lot more to this strangely-evil administration than just plain incompetence. They are like a Bond villain, or Mr. Burns--they are the bad guys. Soon I imagine you are going to start seeing conspiracy theories becoming the mainstream. Maybe "National Treasure" and The Da Vinci Code are the beginning. Things are going to get a lot weirder.


dorothyblueeyes said...

Hey, ash,I like "The X-Files" pretty much,too,but you do not have to believe in them.Uh..UFOs are just not very reasonable; chances are,it's just stupid humans,on THIS PLANET,who are all to blame.Yeah,I know it SOUNDS LIKE ALIENS, but we human are so fucked up,we're problably the tones who are wrecking the planet.Hey,this is not a rational race!!!Homo Sapiens are a bunch of chimpanzees,with large brains,and that's it.We let our instincts rule everything,and do not use rational thought--we use intellignece to make technology,but let the world be ruled by chimp instincts. I know,I know,sounds crazy,but if you knew anthropology,and studied it,you'd understand. We are just a sick species,and not very well made--ok for jungles,maybe. Sorry to break that to you;UFOs are doubtful.Honest. we'd LIKE to have there be ufos,but,really,there probably are none.sorry. I love the "X-Files",but,all that paranoia and govt. conspiracy is real,but Ufos are prlobably not. It's just fucked up humans,at work.sigh. hey, like your blog!!!It's great!!Smart,well written. keep up the good work. sincerely, dorothyblueeyes, a fellow blogger, Concord, California :)

dorothyblueeyes said...

Ash,you're right; this is probably just a "war for profit",whoever is profittting. The American people are not,that's for sure. I predict,we'll probablylose this Iraqui war, just like we lost Vietnam--being in over our heads,ina massive, strange,out of control continent.jI'm neither a democrat,nor a republican;I can't stand either one,anymore. Both big liars,and just want an empire to rule. This country is so in debt; we're gonna crash into a Depression, with this national debt. California, where I live,is bankrupt,going to dive right into the ocean.Eveyone is moving out of the state. ugh.too expensive, too,and no jobs. "Be suspicious, be very suspicious."
Yeah, not a good country to be in,or a good world,at this time. Humans are jerks; wish we were all whales!!!haha. whales don't have war,or politics!!!Great blog,I really liked it;you're smart. congrats!!! :)
sincerely, "dorothyblueeyes", a fellow blogger, Concord, California

Henry Baum said...

Dorothy, thanks for reading and writing. I don't think anybody can say definitively that UFOs are real or not. They may be an expression of advanced consciousness and our primitive minds can only see them as a form of technology with blinking lights. There could be an invisible alien standing next to you right now. It's a big universe, anything's possible.

My guess is that the forbidden science of today is going to become the mainstream science of the future. We're just starting to discover some amazing scientific theories--quantum physics, wormholes--and that's only in the last 100 years. Technology moves at a very quick pace and an alien race is potentially a million years more advanced than us. At some point NOT believing in UFOs may seem primitive.

xo. war. said...

i don't know enough about anything to comment.

xo. war.

(but i've nearly reached my goal.)

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