December 6, 2004

John Lennon

The anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination is on Wednesday. When I wrote my celebrity stalker novel, the one book I read as research was the biography of Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, called Let Me Take You Down. I love John Lennon but Mark David Chapman is an interesting story, even if he’s a sick, evil freak. He would call payphones, which he could see, and threaten anonymous strangers. Horrible, but still fascinating--I stole it and put it in my book. So either I was taking artistic license by basing a character on Chapman or I’m going to hell and every bit of bad literary luck I’ve faced is Instant Karma for trumping up a fucker like Chapman.

While I’m on the topic of that novel, someone put up the cover and the ability to search through it on the Amazon page. I haven’t been in touch with the publisher for years--since the founder split unamicably and someone new took over. So I have no idea who could have spent the time scanning in the pages from the novel. Glad that somebody’s thinking about it.

This weekend, I unearthed the Beatles songbooks. "Help" through "Let It Be." Belting out Beatles songs badly, annoying the neighbors. The Beatles are like the Bible of songwriting. Every song seems like a fable, like it always existed.

For some reason, the Paul McCartney songs are more fun to play, even though I like John Lennon’s songs more. The highlight was singing "I’ve Got a Feeling" while Olivia, my daughter, jumped up and down on the bed screaming, "Everybody pulled their socks up, everybody put their foot down Oh yeah, oh yeah, Ohhhhh yeah." Didn’t sing the "wet dream" part. She loves the "Yellow Submarine" movie and her favorite song is "Hello, Goodbye." I can’t believe I have a daughter who loves the Beatles. I love her. Our gift to her this holiday are the Yellow Submarine toys which you can still buy. She’s going to flip out.


Michèle said...

Just want to say that I love your site and plan on visiting regularly.

Michèle said...
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Henry Baum said...

Thanks, Michelle (ma belle, evidently), I'm liking your site too--except you stole my special green template. I need to specialize.

darling maggot said...

if you're even marginal at coding you can just steal someone else's template code and customize it beyond recognition. i did, though i still ended up giving credit to the original creator. damn my not-quite-black heart.

isn't it funny they make yellow submarine toys when it's one of the more blatant dope songs from the beatles?

also, do you pronounce them beatles or be-attles, like lennon sometimes did? also, do you know i don't own one single beatles track or album or record or tape (anymore)? it's true.

Henry Baum said...

This green template is one of the generic templates you can choose when you sign up for Blogger. I wasn’t actually accusing her of anything. I imagine if I knew what the hell I was doing, I could change it to blue or something else.

I am proud that my daughter can watch something so crazy drug-fueled and is still able to follow it. Every Beatles song is inspired by some kind of drug use so there’s no real way around it. "The White Album" is all about heroin, but don’t get me started on that. "The deeper you go, the higher you fly, the higher you fly, the deeper you go, so come on." Man, get yourself some Beatles.

Natalia said...

Your daughter rules.

And I hope they never let our darling Chapman fella out. For his own sake. I mean, I'm not saying that I... No, not at all. But there are, um, crazies out there.

(dear FBI, the above was a freaking joke)

xo. war. said...

my boyfriend is buying me a guitar for my brithday. i think that's the only thing i could ever ask for. acoustic songs make my heart melt. i only wish i could sing. then maybe i could be a songwriter.

xo. war.

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