February 10, 2006

Blog Books

I’ve recently read two books by people whose blogs I read before their books:

The Human War by Noah Cicero

human war

and Candy Girl by Diablo Cody

candy girl

They’re both good.


Anonymous said...


Realize that you are totally busy with the family and getting published. What is your take on the whole Danish cartoon controversy. I am curious to hear what someone who was just anthologized in the best erotic writing of the year would say

Henry Baum said...

I might be paranoid, but that struck me as a sort of cryptic comment. Probably because I’m defensive about getting in the book. I’m reminded of the editor of Best Sex Writing who wrote to me that getting published in the non-fiction book was one of the worst things she had ever seen. Really, I thought but never replied, I’m just a guy who wrote a blog and got published in a book. There are worse things in the world, like blowing up yourself and others for God.

I haven’t been following the Danish controversy too closely. Reading about lunatic ravings about a cartoon is like listening to the tantrums of ten million toddlers screaming in unison. With guns. I can sort of understand the editors who don’t want to publish the cartoons because they don’t want to, you know, die. But being sensitive to the ravings of cultists doesn’t make sense either, as if they represent Islam. The whole thing is just a fabrication put forth by the Saudis to cover up the trampling deaths during the Haj.

I am busy these days, preparing the novel for release, which is why I haven’t been blogging much.

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