February 7, 2006


I was looking through stuff that I’d written and I felt good about it, I didn’t want to kill myself. I like My Cherry. I am writing a blog entry because I am scared to look at On Parole, something that still needs a lot of work. Revision makes my skin hurt.

People criticized Bush at the Corretta Scott King funeral. Which is good because, you know, Bush is a fucking asshole.

I don’t have much more to write than that.


Diana said...

I can't believe that, I really admire Luther King & Coretta, and this thing of shooking his hand and laughing is awful, what a shame!

Empty Drum said...

What really went on there? We only have this excerpt...

Jimmy Carter:

"Dear friends, we are gathered here in fond memory of a great woman -- and by the way, George Bush is a fuckin' asshole! Am I right? (cheers)"

Henry Baum said...

I don't like writing these letters but I will: LOL.

Empty Drum said...

You LOL'd!

Benny said...

My Cherry _was_ good!

And are you the one sending over the tripled Samantha Brown searches? Eh?

Henry Baum said...

Sheesh, I'm now in the top ten for naked Samantha Brown pics. I've never seen the woman.

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