February 17, 2006

Waiting Room

I have not been blogging. I have been coping with internet addiction and gathering stuff together for when the book is released. Still waiting for the fucker to arrive in the mail so I can approve the book and release it. I’ve got twenty or so letters sitting in wait to people who have been receptive about reviewing the book. Some with very cool blogs/sites, some I’m not so sure of. I’ve got plans. I want to start the process already. I’ve been waiting months and years for this.

The internet addiction thing is no joke. My head hurts. I’ve been travelling Myspace looking for like-minded writers and publishers. All with the delusion that it will make a difference when my book’s released. I feel weirder about adding random strangers. My page is here. Better than nothing though, and still satisfying to be added, get a blog comment, a new link, a new sitemeter referral, a little pat on the back of approval which is druglike. Anyway, my head is clogged waiting for the next wave to begin so I haven’t had the headspace to write here.

I could be writing about things like this: there is an epidemic of bad driving in Los Angeles. Is this occurring other places? People not signaling. How fucking hard is it to signal? People taking forever to make a right turn. I am an impatient driver. Impatient overall.

We went to a Wallgreens the other day for an extended run. When you’ve got kids, hanging out in the cheap toy isle at a drugstore is something to do. It was fun though. We played nerf football in the aisles. I bought a new toothbrush. It has a tongue scraper and ergonomic finger pads. I am impressed with new toothbrush design.

For a long time products seemed to stay the same. That’s how it was when I was growing up. There were Oreos. And Doublestuff. Now there’re 20 different kinds of Oreos. Coffee-flavored, half-vanilla. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with caramel. Thirty kinds of toothbrushes. The people in the design departments are getting bored. Each one needs a new wrapper design, a new ad campaign. There are too many people to employ. So stuff needs to get made. Not very insightful, but consumerism has gotten crazier in the last ten years.


Benny said...

H. Baum, I feel your pain. I'm waiting to hear back from an editor at FSG about my POS novel. I wish I could blog all about the excrutiation, but there's nothing to report, so I'd be writing hollow shit like, "No news is good news!" It's only my first editor and I'm taking it like a pussy.

I feel your pain on the consumer front, too. My theory is that schools are pumping out too many graphic design graduates. They are literally looking for jobs. Hence the 50 States quarters and ugly new nickels. People say it's to protect against fraud. Ya-hum.

Hang in there- and keep us updated on how your proceed. I'm vedyvedy interested...


Natalia said...

I've been sucked into the vortex of MySpace. And went and added you as a friend! Good luck with the book situation.

Rose DesRochers said...

"I’ve been travelling Myspace looking for like-minded writers and publishers."

No offence but I think that you're surfing the wrong website. LOL

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