February 6, 2006


My e-friend, Mike Ferraro, has a very cool article about the Fantes up on the lit site, Laura Hird.com. Go there. He’s also a great songwriter. Go there too. The age of the songwriter/novelist is coming. I've never been a Leonard Cohen fanatic. I've never finished Beautiful Losers.


The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

I was in a band long ago where we all had aliases and an elaborate fake history. The members of the band all had names that combined the names of Beat writers (and orbiting types) and Be Bop/Cool School (and much later Free Jazz) musicians. We were (obviously/painfully/totally) in our 20's. A friend of mine was called Billy Colbeck after William Burroughs (Bill Lee) and Rick Colbeck.

I was John Fante.

I had musician friends in OshKosh, Wisconsin who thought that John Fante was my real name.

We had a website, and once we found an Italian John Fante fan site that mentioned us. An AltaVista translation of the page said something like: "Here's a weird band with a singer also named John Fante."

I screamed at the top of my lungs until I would get close to passing out from exhaustion. Then the set would be finished.

I like all the fireworks in Beautiful Losers. I don't remember much else. If the age of the noise band/short story writer is on the heels of the songwriter/novelist, I'm all set.

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