February 27, 2006


Doctor today. Blood taken. Sitting for hours in the fluorescent waiting room, no book, no magazine, with dozens of other people waiting to be poked with a needle. Listened to two women talk in great detail how to make Jerk Chicken. The world is a fascinating place.

Got a prescription for precious, precious Inderal. It’s a stage fright drug that I learned about because it’s taken by half of the NY philharmonic. It’s a perfect stage fright drug because it doesn't act like a downer like Valium. Motor coordination is fine, it just cuts the nerves. I took it on my book tour most nights. I have three readings in March in Portland, L.A. and Berkeley. It’s been a while since I’ve done a reading. I’m older now, maybe I won’t be as nervous, but I’d like to not take the chance on being an embarrassment. My heart could end up in my throat and I won’t be able to speak at all. I’ll mention the readings as the day draws closer. Maybe I’ll meet a blogger or two. Another reason to take stage fright medication. I don’t want to end up like Andy Partridge.

I’m days away from releasing my novel.


Spiral Stairs said...

Any chance of an East Coast jaunt?

Henry Baum said...

The moniker is back! I don’t think there’s going to be an east coast trip this time around. We’re driving everywhere. Even Portland. I think, not sure yet. Incidentally, inderal isn’t strong enough for my horrible nervousness on planes. Once I took inderal, valium, and xanax during a plane flight. That was stupid. But I didn’t exist for four hours.

Natalia said...

It's a shame you're not headed East any time soon.

Good luck with everything!

Stay cool.

Spiral Stairs said...

I'm going through an online identity crisis. Maybe a general one, too. I don't know. The other name embarrasses me because I've decided to let that blog go fallow. I can't possibly point people to it. I'm more comfortable with this one anyway.

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