September 18, 2006


Had a nicely literate weekend. On Saturday, I took my daughter to the library. Read her some books, got her some books. They were having a book sale on the second floor, everything 50% off. I hadn’t been to any kind of used book store for a long time. I’ve been getting my books from the library, my dad’s library, or used off Amazon. I got a nice copy of Swann’s Way, Remember to Remember by Henry Miller, The Forge of God, by Greg Bear (for 10 cents), some others.

I used to live at used bookstore in NY. East Village Books, don’t know if its still there. The Strand. That one by the Angelica. Nice to go to a used bookstore again, especially in an unliterate place like L.A. I've written half a story about a guy who buys a book at a used bookstore, finds an address of the previous owner written inside, goes to find her, turns out she’s a psychic. Then I don’t know what. I should finish it. The woman’s based on a freaky lady who lived in my apt. building in NY.

On Sunday, we all went to the West Hollywood Book Fair. Much better than I was anticipating. Tents upon tents set up—L.A. based lit presses and bookstores, authors hocking stuff, panel discussions, sort of hyper-serious but still interesting. Talked to Allan MacDonell, the Prisoner of X. Saw Mark Danielewski talk about historical fiction. Missed Whitley Strieber talk about vampires. The face-lifted nightmare from America’s Top Model. Insanely energetic kids’ singers and dancers. Liv loved it all. Got a free copy of Richard Grayson put out by Red Hen Press. A very nice time. Some people read and write books here.

My story, “Camera Shy,” is going to be in an anthology put out by Another Very happy to finally have a home for the story. I like the way they do things. Free for download, pay what you can for the printed version. They put out a great book that I read a few months ago and should have written about earlier.

click cover

Mind-opening like reading a book about the new physics. It’s harder to do with fiction and Young pulls it off.


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