September 12, 2006

Press for Truth

Another good documentary about 9-11: 9-11: Press for Truth. It’s more sober, methodical, and so more convincing. It’s not about controlled demolition, tower 7, and the like—it’s about omissions in the 9-11 report and the lack of wide coverage in the mainstream media—with mainstream sources, making it much more credible to skeptics than a speculative documentary like “Loose Change.” It’s important. Watch it.

Sheds new light on a news story from May—The U.S. gave sophisticated arms equipment to Pakistan. At the time, I thought, What? and moved on. They’re currently in a near-nuclear struggle with India. We gave arms to India as well. Our allies today are our enemies tomorrow. We supported bin Laden 20 years ago in Afghanistan. This is not fun stuff, but it must be looked at.

I was fairly careful with my post yesterday. I’m trying to reach skeptics, not believers. The same goes for anything I write about UFOs, alternative energy, psychedelics, and so on. It’s probably not wise to write about 9-11 and UFOs in the same post, because I’ll sound like a quack, but the way to approach each subject is the same: with an open mind. I say over and over, the implications are too important to ignore these issues. What’s reported in the mainstream media has nothing to do with the amount of information that’s available—by reported, I mean investigated, not dropped a day later. It’s likely easier for people to be open about 9-11 because everyone lived through it—though it’s harder too because it’s about 3000 dead, not lights in the sky.

Interestingly, on Kos this morning there’s a diary that brings up the 9-11 truth movement and other stuff usually relegated to conspiracy sites and it wasn’t automatically attacked: Appeasing the Nazis - Bush family history.


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