September 7, 2006


Holy Jesus, weirdest William Burroughs footage ever made. Possibly the weirdest thing on Youtube. Not safe for home.

Bonus: Neil Young and Devo playing “Hey Hey, My My.” Why do these things happen, and why haven’t I seen them before?


Emil Michelle said...

Sweet Jesus, that is one bizare video--the one with Burroughs. And Devo with Young? Far out!!
What'll they think of next?

Heather said...

My favorite Burroughs character, Dr. Benway! It certainly has that John Waters feel, with the drag queen and the bad acting. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

DEVO are brilliant as well. I seem to recall lore of them opening for themselves as a band called DOVE, where they impersonated a hippie jam band, but I do not know if that is true. This vid seems to lend some credence to the rumor. Those bastards are capable of anything. I raced to Atlanta once to see a show of theirs, but arrived late, and missed the whole effin' thing, it was tragic.

These two videos fit together nicely, somehow. I do feel a little woozy though...

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