September 1, 2006

Back and to the Left

It’s done. Just submitted my work for the week. Spent the week working in the mornings while—I’ll admit it—my daughter was parked in front of the TV. Last one of these vacations for a while.

All told, not such a restful week. Especially when at night I watched shows like this one:

last days on earth

…about the top seven ways the world could end—black hole, nuclear war, exploding star, asteroid... The top one is global warming. Surprisingly liberal for ABC news—a station that is going to have a mini-series about 9-11 that puts the blame on Clinton. There was also a news special about the Kennedy assassination that said there was “no truth” to claims of a conspiracy. There are enough questions that you can’t say it’s true either way. I like Peter Jennings, but that wasn’t a good moment.

One expert said that global warming denial is akin to Holocaust denial, or to the big-tobacco experts who said under oath that cigarettes were healthy and non-habit forming. A reminder that despite the state of the world, we live in a paradise. It could be Katrina all the time, everywhere. Kurt Vonnegut says the same thing:
“I pressed him to expand, wondering if he had any advice for young people who want to join the increasingly vocal environmental movement. ‘There is nothing they can do,’ he bleakly answered. ‘It's over, my friend. The game is lost.’”
(via Post-Atomic)

Hooray! What can you do? Enjoy your life, try not to suck, write a book trying to make sense of it.


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Emil Michelle said...

Yeah, those types of TV shows will dissolve your soul and dessicate your will to live. I'm with you, "try not to suck and write a book." I can hardly wait for your new book to come out.

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