September 18, 2006


A couple things: Tony O’Neill, author of Digging the Vein, is going to be on the radio tomorrow night. Here:

The Riot Lit Collective is online. I was once part of this. Now I’m not. Long story. Check it out:

Site: Riot Lit


Heather said...

Ok, went to their sites, their myspace page,read their mission statements. So, this question is merely an exercise and also because I'd like to know your take, why on earth Henry, are you no longer part of the 'collective'?

"Our strength is our ability to maneuver outside of the literary establishment. We do not seek endorsements from talk show hosts. We do not write paint-by-numbers beach reads. We are here to change the dominant paradigm. We write in the knowledge that very soon our words-your words-will explode across this planet like a million dirty bombs."

(Who writes stuff like this?)

Henry Baum said...

There was some infighting about the direction of the collective. I dropped out and was kicked out in the same moment. I didn't want to write anything negative since they've pulled it together.

The Riot Lit Collective said...

For the record, you were never kicked out, H.B. All of us who know you still hold you in the highest regard. And I'm sure the remainder of us who haven't yet met you would think the same once they finally do have a chance to make your acquaintance. I still wish you would've hung around....

Heather: In response to who writes sutff like that....not sure if your being cute or are actually asking: we do. We're tired of shit the way shit is, and we aim to change shit.

Henry Baum said...

You were written about on Poddy Mouth. Now I'm jealous.

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