May 21, 2009

Cheap Kindle Fiction

Yes, I'm trying to play with Google search queries, but I like how this looks:

Besides ebook uploading, I got a new job, working for Makes me very happy - an hourly job, with benefits, still working at home. No more hustling so hard to find freelance writing work. I was getting very nervous because a freelance outlet I was working for went from content writing to web design. I've seen countless web start-ups fall through, but this one's on the way up and growing. A long time coming, this sense of stability. I had a day last week where I thought the bottom could have been dropping out. Bad time to be looking for work, but I had a couple of interviews and got the job. Nicely faith restoring. Life never makes me rich, but it gives me what I need. I knock on wood.


Brian said...

Cool - sounds like the right balance of freedom to income.

Brent Robison said...

Congratulations on the job, Henry (as well as the Kindle edition). The relief of financial stress is so important for creative work. Like you, I'm grateful for my job, although it's far from anything I feel any sort of soul connection with. Especially grateful because I only do it 30 hours a week, packed into 3 days. I was much less sane on the 40-hr 5-day treadmill. But still, after 8 years there, my gratitude gets pretty thin pretty often. But I see you doing what the universe wants, so it's taking care of you. Best wishes!

Kristen said...

Great news, Henry. Congratulations.

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