January 17, 2006



Cool. Cover’s done for Gentleman Reptile, due out in February. Readings are set for Portland, OR, L.A. and maybe Berkeley in March. There’s now an Amazon page for the story.

There’s no actual Chinese food consumption in the story but I’m thinking it refers to the tagline they wrote for it:

What do you do when your worst nightmare comes true? You talk it out.

Disaster. Despair. Disgust. Conversation.

...people discuss things over Chinese food. Or maybe because it's about a person consuming himself. Any case, good to see.


Empty Drum said...

The container is empty, representing a spritually void or sociopathic individual. The chopsticks represent the futility of attempting to communicate with such a person.

Or maybe it represents the fact that after finishing a good short story, one is often left wanting more.

At any rate, it is extremely gratifying to see this. I wish you all the success you can handle in the new year.

Henry Baum said...

Great comment, Empty.

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