January 23, 2006

Ear Farm

Thanks to Ear Farm for the cool post about Ash Tree. I wish I could shed some of the Cobain from my voice, but it’s there, especially on the early songs. He was formative. Go to Ear Farm, link to Ear Farm.

Ear Farm was nominated for a 2006 Bloggie. I wasn’t. The Man Who Couldn’t Blog was also nominated, and deserves it, especially since he links to me now. I’d say vote for them both, but they’re nominated for the same category, best kept secret.


Matt said...

no no, the Cobain sound i noticed in your voice isn't a bad thing! thanks for the write-up though and i am definitely enjoying your music.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Hey, those Cloverfield Press books look quite nice. The submissions link says they aren't looking for novels. Does this mean Gentleman Reptile is a novella or short story? Or did they solicit a longer story from you?

Henry Baum said...

Good to see you here. Gentleman Reptile is part of the first chapter of a novel. I reworked it to work as a story. It's around 20 pages long.

Natalia said...

Don't sweat it, Henry, if I ever wore socks when I read your blog, you'd be rocking them off me each and every time (but I can't afford laundry and keep sock-wearing to a minimum). And the Bloggies are a great way to find out what we've been missing.

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