January 9, 2006


Well, that was interesting. I stopped posting to the blog to see what would happen. Turns out I’m dependent on it. Which is good and bad. Good that something is important and meaningful to me, bad to be dependent on something. The jury’s still out of this blog cuts into the time and mind to write fiction. I spend enough time pointlessly watching TV or surfing the web that I have time to do both, and not blogging showed me that I was really missing something.

So this morning I went to LAX and dropped off my wife and daughter for a trip to Ohio. My wife’s grandmother just died. I think it will be good for her to see her family, despite what she wrote on her blog. It will certainly be good for Olivia, who hasn’t seen that side of the family since she was one. This is a major undertaking for S.--flying with Olivia for the first time to frozen Ohio for her grandmother’s funeral. Wish her luck. This will be the longest I’ve been away from them since Olivia was born. I’m going to miss them deeply, but I also really need this time to myself. This will be a major vacation that I need to put to good use. I sort of feel like I’m in high school when my parents would leave for the weekend and give me the run of the house.

Other things. There was a cool write-up of my brother’s old band, Love Child, at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

Found Myspace pages of my cousins with half-naked pictures. It was disturbing.

Just got some kick-ass computer speakers via a Target gift card. Been perusing the Hype Machine. I recommend it. It has a great flash player which makes music listening easy. Discovered this mash up of Bob Dylan and the Pixies. For all I know, this mash up is very popular. I’m not too familiar with mash ups.

I think using the computer too much makes you stupid. Like the other day I couldn’t remember the word "amphibian" or what the white part of the egg is called (note: it’s called an egg white).

I need to change some things about this blog. Like write more short fictional pieces. And not care if no one makes comments.

One of the things I have to cut down on is commenting on other people’s blogs. I have a bad habit of continually coming back to blogs where I’ve made a comment to see if there’s been a response. Because I have no willpower. I’ll be reading Vertical Insanity, Okay Kabuki, Philofaxy, K Fresh, Indiscretions, and others, but I won’t be making too many comments. I’ve even written out entire comments and then haven’t published them because I knew I’d keep checking back.

I think I’m caught up.


gaijin said...

i do the same thing with comments. why wouldn't you be interested in a reply? speaking of which, i must send you email.

Anonymous said...

um, isn't the egg white called the albumen?

Philofaxer said...

You say all the things I just think. I would love a plug-in or piece of software that would monitor the comments I have left on other people's blogs, so I don't have to remember where and when I've commented.

Also, in a massive coincidence, at the moment I was reading your thoughts on the egg white, Jerry Seinfeld ordered an "egg white omelet" on my background TV noise. Weird.

Empty Drum said...

Interesting that you misplaced two words (amphhibian and albumen) which are so close together alphabetically; your brain may need to be defragmented.

Nice to see you here again!

Joseph K said...

I made a new year's resolution to post more comments this year, including here. Then, the Washington football team (odd, I can say the team name in conversation, but I feel like writing it makes me sound racist) made the NFL playoffs, and I've barely had the energy to check my own blog. I've been reading fan message boards, a disturbing experience I'll have to write about after this week's inevitable loss. The excessive use of the word "rulez" on those sites alone is enough to make you pull out some hair somewhere. God, I can't get off the football kick, can I? I'll stop now.

Jpatrick said...

Willpower is overrated

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