January 17, 2006


A good quote by Wayne Coyne, F.L. It describes why I’m putting music up online. I have faith that my songs are going to connect with someone out there. I have to keep plugging away, like I’m on tour. Except I don’t have to drive four hours to play for nine people. This blog is like a demo tape. I have hope that I’ll be able to cross-pollinate music and fiction. No wonder that I’m so attached to this blog. It’s a way to get the word out about my novel, it’s the only venue for my songwriting, and it’s a therapist.

From his lips:

You know, it’s funny. So many people ask, doesn’t the music scene suck now? I don’t think it does at all! I think it’s wonderful! The internet has created so much great opportunity. A band can make an album, and put it out there, you don’t even have to wait to be signed. You put it out there, and you don’t know, one person can hear it, or millions! For music, these are the best times that have ever existed! You can sit on your computer, you can see pictures of the musicians. Even on ‘Fearless Freaks’, we did a lot of the editing on the computer ourselves. We live in great times!

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