January 10, 2006

Buy the Time

First thing finished with the family away (they arrived safely in Ohio). I’ve been in more of a mood to record than work on fiction, though I’d like to do both. It’s usually easier to record late at night after Olivia goes to sleep than it is to work on a story.

It’s been a fairly psychedelic experience being alone for the first time in 3 and a half years. Sleeping late, eating frozen food, clearing my head. I am "conveniently" out of work during this time. I applied to a slew of jobs this morning. With this done, I’d like to start a story. I’ve got an idea.

The song’s about a year old, I think. Rips off "I’m Only Sleeping." Another mish-mash of guitar parts. Melancholy as all hell but, again, I’ve felt it and I want to get all these songs down. These lyrics, the only lyrics, say a lot about where I’ve been and wanna go:

And by the time I come to change
will I forget all that I want to erase
And all the time I’ve come to waste
will I regain all I hadn’t thought to save

Here it is:

Buy the Time


Empty Drum said...

More Metallica than Beatles, actually :)

!Happy New Year!

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