January 18, 2006


A step closer to hell I take. Feeling my dishonesty. Also pride. From a Salon review of the Best Sex Writing 2005.

"Another not to be missed is "A Beginning," a rawer, more transgressive piece in which porn star Shirley Shave documents how she got into the "industry" by responding to a seemingly innocuous classified ad during a less-than-tranquil phase of her life. "Nothing violent inspired me to get involved in porn," she writes, tersely explaining that the pull can be more universal than is typically assumed. "I just had the gun of boredom and poverty to my head."


gaijin said...

writer, embrace thyself.


Empty Drum said...

You're transgressive!!!!

Philofaxer said...

If you Google "Shirley Shave," your confession is the sixth result. Don't these people Google every fact, name, and event that enters their world, like I do?

Sheesh. Congrats on the props.

Natalia said...

Well, it's great sex writing whether it's fiction or fact. Take a bow, Henry.

Henry Baum said...

Thanks for all the congratulations. Gaijin, I was picturing V.B. reading this post and fuming so I was covering my tracks. Secretly, I'm pleased, cause I'm human.

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