September 22, 2006

End of the Week

On another too-absolutist post by Noah Cicero, an anonymous person wrote a comment leading to a great Ukelele treatment of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I love your drive Noah, but saying untrue stuff just to get a rile out of people is not the way to go. Tao Lin does the same thing, facetious to me. Every woman who’s beat by her man wants it. No. And even if she does out of devout self-hatred, it doesn’t excuse him, even if he's had a terrible life. But that’s obvious.

Reminds me of that song by Smog, “Every girl I’ve ever loved has wanted to be hit. Every girl I’ve ever loved has left me cause I wouldn’t do it.” I remember a story where a guy went onstage and hit Bill Callahan during the song in a fever of political correctness. The song’s got more empathy than the Cicero comment.

I wrote this is in a letter to someone about my previous Cicero post: “He's the real thing. But then some other ideas creep in there. That's what gets to me: someone who's got so much and fucks around with it, gets sloppy. I think there's some jealousy in there too. I wish I still had some of the angry young man I had when I was 25. Since I hit 30 and had a kid, I just can't afford to be that way anymore, and it's really no way to live an entire life. But, ah, the good old days.”

I wrote a comment on the ULA post which could be its own post. It’s been an interesting week of blogging.


Anonymous said...

He needs to take his psychiatric meds.

Henry Baum said...

Some anonymous commenter is in love with psychiatry.

Henry Baum said...

But I think it might be Tao Lin undercover:

It's easy to do that: call the person conservative if he doesn't agree with you. Too easy. Absolves you of ever taking responsibility for anything. Kids do that.

Tao Lin said...

i'm in pennsylvania now so that is not me

Henry Baum said...

All right, I'm glad. I figured after those Ploughshares blog comments, it was you. I just wrote this to Noah: it doesn't bring me joy to be negative about other writers. But if I think something, I'll get it down.

Tao Lin said...

i understand how i could be viewed as facetious

i feel that way a lot of the time, i don't want that and think if i actually expressed myself articulately and clearly enough it wouldn't come off that way

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