September 22, 2006

Rock Stars

1966. John Lennon hates Bob Dylan.


nat said...

clash of the smugs! inevitably, dylan wins. lennon's whole passive-aggression thing reeks of jealousy, and who can blame him?

Henry Baum said...

I side with Lennon. Dylan's so much more of an egomaniac during this period--totally missing from his recent memoir. Lennon seems stoned and uncomfortable to me. Dylan's stoned and proud of himself. But that's what's amazing about this, that John Lennon--JOHN LENNON--could be so intimidated.

nat said...

the funniest thing to me about dylan the memoir is the way that he'll skip over huge events, but devote a full page to the details of a meal that he ate with his wife in 1982 or whatever. regarding the egomania: to my mind their personas are equally smug and nasty - its just that dylan is generally more sophisticated about it, whereas lennon is gauche enought to go around calling himself a "genius" and declaring his own great social significance. either way, thanks for posting that clip, it is hi-larious.

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