September 8, 2006

Zero Point

On the free energy front, here’s a documentary about zero point energy. Has a lot of inventor speak that went over my head, but still interesting. Why is it we live in a world where world-saving ideas and inventions are suppressed? Tesla’s laboratory was burned down—doesn’t seem like an accident. Someone like Bill Gates should be funding these projects—health care and education are important, but saving the planet might be more so. The documentary’s two hours long—I watched it all, because I am a nerd.

By the way, I have gout. Not the worst-of-it kind, or I wouldn’t be able to write, but a pain. I recently got some detox tea, which detoxed everything into my toe. This is how my body works. I haven’t been really bad off since I lived in New York. Back then, I was stupid and didn’t know any better and kept eating things that would hurt me more. Can’t eat meat. Easy enough, but you also can’t eat soy, beans, grains, mushrooms, spinach, and a lot of other things. Sad trips shuffling to the pharmacy, three inches at a time, to get some medication. A 25-year-old shouldn’t have to use a cane.

Now I have to make the painful walk to pick up my daughter at preschool. Not so bad, really, I can make it, and this preschool is a great place. She’s been coming home with new artwork, stories to tell. It’s like she’s going to kindergarten a year early. She was confined by her last daycare place, just as we were. We didn’t realize just how much.

I don’t know why I haven’t written more about her. Getting that agent has freed me up a bit. I used to be more obsessed about establishing myself, and this blog was part of it. A little less intense about that now. They booed the paparazzi at the screening of “The Queen.” Someone should publish North of Sunset.

Speaking of children, here’s some weirdness from the Prisoner of X camp.


Heather said...

Dang, I have often wondered about the gout thing, because I am a hypochondriac: Do I have it? I drink a lot of wine, in fact that's the only booze I consume, and I love it. In fact, I'm drinking a glass right now. I love spinach and mushrooms as well, and prefer my pinot grigio with spinach and mushrooms. Tell me, how do you know you have it before you're on the cane? Not that it would change my behavior any.

Don't worry Henry, I thought all the best writers have it too...didn't Dostoyesvsky and Chinaski and all the heavyweights suffer from the gout too? You're in good company, at the very least.

Henry Baum said...

Starts as a pain in my toe that gets progressively worse until it feels like someone's stabbing a knife in my joint. I wouldn't worry about it unless you have pain in a joint.

Thanks for the comments.

Nathan said...

No Way!! I thought gout was fictitious.

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