January 13, 2005

Annoying Moment #3

I once played drums in a band that played sixties-pop type songs. The songwriter saw me play drums in another band and asked me to play in his band, which was flattering. We once toured through the South, including a stop in Panama City, Florida, home of MTV Spring Break. Four hard-up guys, surrounded by drunk, screaming, unfriendly frat-girls. Thousands of rugby shirts. We played a show in one room to ten people while hoards of people watched a Stone Temple Pilots cover band in the other room. That’s actually an annoying moment but not the one I’m writing about. In a crowded elevator going up to our practice space, the songwriter told me, "Usually I can read books very quickly, but reading your novel was like walking through molasses." The other people on the elevator--strangers--looked embarrassed. That was annoying.


Spiral Stairs said...

I don't know -- walking through molasses sounds like fun to me, and maybe he meant it that way.

Also, I wouldn't mind hearing someone say ANYTHING about my published novel. Because that would mean I had a published novel.

Sabrina_C said...

well, that's when you're suppose to pause and look around and say, "yea, i felt the same exact way when you went on and on about your herpes. some things are best left unsaid. right?"

Henry Baum said...

Sabrina, I wish I could be that mean on the fly. Or make a joke and not be so easily offended by someone being a competitive creep. Spiral, it’s a many tiered process for me. If only I could complete a novel, if only I could get it published, if only people would read it, if only people would like it, only to start over again. I was floored when I first held my novel in my hands, staring at it endlessly. Now I’m not as much. I need MORE once I get used to something. Everything’s an addiction.

Henry Baum said...

Like look there--I put my novel and CD up top so they are more easily accessible. I am a sick opportunist.

darling maggot said...

the correct response, for future reference, to that, or any other kind of denigrating remark, is, "ah yes, yes. my publisher did some market research and found out that SOME people would feel that way. don't worry about it."

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