January 7, 2005

Blog of the Day

Thanks to Arthur Coddington and the Blog of the Day folks. Crazy to see myself on my Yahoo homepage. All the new people let me know if you like it or hate it here. I’m asking for it.


Spiral Stairs said...

Holy crimoly. Congratulations!

I just went to Yahoo!, created a myYahoo page, didn't see Ash Tree, went to some configuration page, changed my configuration, and WHAM! Ash Tree's all up in my grill!

Old and busted: Getting slashdotted.
New hotness: Getting Ash Treed.

Henry Baum said...


I just nominated Banality Fair for a Blog of the Day, so prepare to be Ashtreed.

Spiral Stairs said...

Henry, you're too kind. But we all know these things are rigged. Whatever you did to that Coddington fellow to get Ash Tree up there, I don't want to know.

I kid, I kid.

Anonymous said...

i really really love your blog. i began reading it and as a 'blog of the day' official editor, i have been mighty lazy in nominating folks- or choosing them, too. boo me. :( But i am glad my pal Arthur indeed went on and got ya up on the botd sight. kudos to you and your writing. it is great. i am a regular now. and as a very busy premed student, believe me- my minutes are measured. :) V Willis

Henry Baum said...

Wow, thank you. I spend entirely too much time here myself, especially when I see comments like this one, but really, thanks.

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