January 26, 2005


The epilogue to the Sew post:



Spiral Stairs said...

I can't wait until Olivia's Winter Break is over, so we loyal readers can again be treated to Henry's postings and comments. I feel kind of lost.

Henry, you should know: Your kind comment a few days ago attempting to pump up my fragile self-esteem had an actual effect on my life. I said, "Fuck yeah, maybe I can write." And I worked for about three hours on Monday on a short story that had been festering as a skeleton of ideas in my head for a while. And suddenly I find myself researching and considering the possibility of taking a writing class in the evenings this Spring.

When my motivation again wanes, I may ask you to cut and paste your remark into a new comment.

Henry Baum said...

That’s incredible, thank you. It’s just as good for my self-esteem that you wrote that. I’d love to read anything that you’ve done, past or present. I need to do my paying job during Olivia’s afternoon nap so I don’t have much time to do any other writing.

I hope I haven’t started any arguments with you and your wife about having kids. Olivia’s like an advertisement for child bearing. Though since having a baby I want everyone else to have babies as well. I was totally unprepared but I’ve managed to do it.

Spiral Stairs said...

Oh, no arguments. We both want kids, and we're roughly on the same page as to when to do it. If anything, I'm a little more eager than she is. I always expected to have a baby on the ground by age 30. I'm running nearly three years late, but, then again, I procrastinate in just about every area of my life.

As for reading anything I've written, I really appreciate the offer, and I may take you up on it. First, though, I have to generate something non-humiliating.

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