January 11, 2005


It doesn’t exactly need mentioning, but I changed the layout of my links. The list was getting way too long. For some people, I didn’t know whether or not to put them as "Writers" or "Blogs." All bloggers are writers to some extent, and a lot of bloggers write other stuff on the side. You don’t need a published book to be a writer. It’s mostly about how people see themselves, and I don’t know how all those bloggers define themselves. I’m probably being too careful. Let me know if any of this makes you want to kill me.


Andrew said...

I'm glad I made the Writers list. ;) I know exactly what you mean...I'm itching to organize my own blogroll more than it is.

Martha O'Connor said...

I'm thrilled to be on the authors list as well. One of these days I'll organize my site better, too.

Did you know that Moorish Girl got a book deal?

Anonymous said...

youre on my shit list lipbalm.

im relegated to the island of misfits.

no soup for you.

Spiral Stairs said...

I'm a mere blogger? Oh, you will pay for this transgression, Henry Baum, you will pay. Someday, I will be president of the United States, and I shall issue a directive: "Henry Baum shall henceforth be known as a blogger. Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah." And the crowds shall rejoice, and sing my praises, and say "Oh, President Stairs, you are the greatest writer of all time, even if you have never published a word and instead define your 'writings' as the insane ramblings scattered around the massive, dusty warehouse of your thick skull."

Whooo... Too much coffee in too little time this morning.

Henry Baum said...

I knew this might drum up trouble. The anonymous comment sounds suspiciously like Sabrina C.

Martha, I hadn’t heard about Moorish Girl but I’m glad for her, though I can’t help feel a pang of envy whenever I hear that anybody on earth has gotten a book deal. One of my comforting delusions about this place is that it will help me get a book deal. It’s better than doing nothing, and actually it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Henry Baum said...

Sounds like Sabrina C. but if I bothered to click on the link, I'd see it was King of Bongo. Sir, I want my soup, you're on the list.

Sabrina_C said...

no, i am way more of an ass. now that i am just a blogger i am going to quite writing, delete the blog and go to law school.

this is how we do.

Sabrina_C said...

i am also going to learn to pay attention to my typing, so i do not seem like a complete idiot- quit, not quite. gosh.

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