January 4, 2005


This picture used to be on my desktop because I believe in things. UFOs are real, Goddammit. Or as it said on a Minutemen record, "Dreams are real, motherfucker." Maybe that was a Black Flag record. Either way, it was Raymond Pettibon. Last night my daughter picked up an old Black Flag "My War" tape saying "Ringo, Ringo, Ringo," about the little Hitler character with a knife, if you know it. Here it is:

She probably shouldn’t be playing with little Hitler characters. Nice that she has a crush on Ringo Starr.

Anyway, I got nothing. Nothing to write about. No subject. I could write some movie reviews but I don’t wanna. State of the world. No. New Year beginning slowly…All right, I wrote some sentences, I feel better.


goofy328 said...

I probably shouldn't watch movies like American History X or Believer either, but the whole Holocaust thing is fascinating. Hey, so you have writer's block, there's always tommorrow. I keep coming back to this blog, you have a reader here.

Anonymous said...

There is that Delmore Shwartz piece, "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities". I recently mounted and hung a great, if I say so myself, portrait I took of the Minutemen after a Maxwells (Hoboken) set. Summer of '84, I think. Oh geez....Anyway, thanx for the My War anecdote (prolly my fave Flag). I tripped up on your blog via another blog via a search for a store still selling sleds.

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