October 3, 2005

Free Books

Here’s my ploy to win free books:


If you want to be in the running, go here.


Anonymous said...

I just read your story over at Identity Theory. Kind of long-winded in places, but the tone was subtly idiosyncratic and believable, and some of the descriptions were Lorrie Moore laugh-out-loud funny. "He looked like he masturbated." 'Nuff said. Thanks for the read- I'm going to check out your other blog now. --b

Henry Baum said...

Long winded? LONG WINDED? Actually, thanks for reading.

Empty Drum said...

What's a book?

Benny said...

It's a personal preference. Your story was never dull, rest assured.

I ended up sampling some of your music- pretty cool. I ordered a copy of your CD for a friend who just discovered Pedro the Lion and Superwolf. I'm sure you've heard these references before!

Anyway, thanks for the story and music. Best of luck-- I'll be on the lookout for more of your work. --b

gaijin said...

where's my link, cocksucker?

Henry Baum said...

Cocksucker, I've been on a short overnight vacation. The link's up now.

B, thanks a lot for buying the CD. I also sold a copy to David Davies, of Great Britain. I have a fantasy that it's the Kinks' Dave Davies. Though maybe the name is as popular as Davis is here.

gaijin said...

thanks, babydoll.

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