October 10, 2005


Turns out my grandfather was staunchly in favor of drug legalization. My wife discovered this online:
To the Editor: The article by Dupont and Voth and the editorial by Dr. Musto fail to address the question of crime related to the drug trade, that is, violent acts committed to obtain money for the purchase of drugs. If addicts were given drugs from the huge stores of seized cocaine and heroin and were given sterile syringes and needles, the profit motive would disappear, the crime rate would be reduced, and the rate of transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus and other pathogens by injection would be decreased. Legalization could be aided by appropriate education of younger persons to prevent initial use of drugs.

Rock on, Otto. Weird too because my dad wrote a novel called Paradise County about drug legalization being tested in a small Midwestern town. The novel wasn't published--my father calls this the "Baum curse." Somehow I doubt that my dad and stern Dr. Baum talked too much about drug legalization.


Empty Drum said...

The only problem with the redistribution idea is that if drugs were legalized, there wouldn't be those big stores of confiscated drugs to give away...
Also, the thing about an addict is that he always wants more. If you've ever tried to subsidize a junkie's obsession, you know it can get pretty tedious -- and I'm not sure the "American Family" is ready for that.
One last point: our government can't even be trusted to provide emergency relief to the most desperately needy among us. There's no way they would be able to manage a Free Dope program. You'd have a new black market within weeks!
None of the above considerations change the fact that our current drug laws are incoherent at best, and barbaric at worst.
Thanks for the soapbox :)

Henry Baum said...

I was hoping you'd weigh in, E.D. I agree with everything you said and he said.

Empty Drum said...

I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with you there.

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