October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween


Happy Anniversary, Samantha. Three years. That’s right, we got married on Halloween. Our daughter was three months old and I said, "You wanna get married today?" We went to the courthouse, filled out our paperwork and got married at the local jail. It was easy to do in a small town like Wilmington, NC. Some insane, rail-thin woman was there to complain about her boyfriend keying her car. Prostitutes were being brought in by the cops. We asked some strangers to be witnesses. We went upstairs to the jail courtyard and we were wed.

One of the women who was acting as a witness gave us her ring to use in the ceremony. She was crying throughout. When it was over she gave us a hundred dollar bill and told us to keep the ring….It was actually a very romantic experience. Weird and fucked up but that’s our style. Both of us thought that getting married was a sort of formality because we already had Olivia. But the ceremony was powerful and spiritual and meaningful. Only drawback is we didn’t have any brown wedding cake.

So Happy Anniversary, Sam. We have some very hard years behind us. Things are looking up. And Happy Halloween.


Spiral Stairs said...

Henry + Samantha: Congratulations. In an eerie parallel, my wife and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary tomorrow (Nov 1).

(Henry, I haven't decided on how to manage my online personae; that's why this is from Spiral Stairs. But you obviously have me pegged at that other place.)

tequilita said...

congratulations you guys...and many many more!

Empty Drum said...

Mazel Tov!

Henry Baum said...

Thanks, all. Spiral, I can't tell you how much traffic your site has generated here--almost as if it were a porn site. Wait, it is a porn site.

Natalia said...

I think this is gorgeous. Congratulations. And many more anniversaries to come.

gaijin said...

that's incredibly, incredibly romantic. so much more poignant than the "perfect ceremonies" that couples nearly break up planning.

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